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Canadian PIN Transactions Stop Working After September 30, 2016

This announcement is for all Spot customers currently processing Canadian PIN Debit transactions.  We received unofficial notice late Friday afternoon that the Canadian Interact / PIN Debit service use by Paypros / OpenEdge will no longer support none EMV transactions after September 30, 2016.  I received official notice from Paypros / OpenEdge this morning that this information is correct.  The impact to your organization is “counter based transactions interacting with the PIN pad” will no longer process starting October, 1 2016 on the Paypros / OpenEdge network.  

As you all know we have been working on a Canadian Chip and PIN solution for a long time.  We have submitted and are on round 3 of our Canadian EMV certification.  Moving forward we will be using Pivotal Payments for our Canadian integrated solution.  Please contact Murray at Pivotal for more information on the option’s available for your operation.

Pivotal Payments
Murray MacGillivray
(877) 370-6465

Please remember this only affects the transactions using a PIN pad and does not affect your card on file transactions.  Should our certification not be completed by the end of this week Pivotal can provide the option of a standalone EMV terminal for your counter EMV transactions.  Murray @ Pivotal can provide more information on this option.

Installation Notes:  Currently your PIN pads connect to your PC via a serial port.  The new EMV devices will require a network cable connection and external power.  If you do not have an extra network cable at your counters you have the option of using a small network hub/switch at the counter to provide additional network ports to your EMV device.  We currently have over 1,800 EMV devices deployed in the United States and the network cable and power requirement has been overlooked by many merchants causing delays in the deployment of the EMV terminals.