SPOT Business Systems :: Mobile App 3.0

Mobile App 3.0

The must have features, compatible with iOS and Android platforms

Mobile App 3.0 gives you and your customers direct access to their account information, whether they're by the computer or phone.

Production Gallery

Browse through some of the latest apps designed and put into production below. When you click on a client image, you can view the full sample app design.

Design and Implementation

Mobile App 3.0 design requires branding icons, a background image, configuration settings and text that will be displayed in the app. These requirements can be supplied by the cleaner, BeCreative360 or a third party.

Deployment Timeline

The timeline above is an estimate for the typical deployment of a branded mobile app. Time variables include Spot configuration, customer testing and the time for app store reviews, acceptance and publication.

Image Assets

Company Logo, App Icons, Welcome Screen Images or Icons, and an App Store Branding Image are just a few images needed to customize your app

Color Options

Customize your app with primary, secondary and text colors to match your company brand

Custom Text

Create content to personalize your Login, Welcome, Referral and Help Screen

Brand and Store List

Customize your store list and separate mobile branding with "Store Groups"

Mobile App Asset List

Before we can start developing your mobile app, as stated above, we will need some information from your company. For a complete list of the required information, please download the Asset List document by clicking Asset List.

Design Assistance

If you need assistance with artwork and the branding of your Mobile App, BeCreative360 has you covered with a "Build It For You" design service. Please contact BeCreative360 directly at 949-270-1609 or via email at for more information.