SPOT Business Systems :: Restoration


We Are The System Of Choice

SPOT Business Systems has been involved in the evolution of the restoration industry since the beginning. We are the system of choice for the largest restoration companies and organizations in the world. With this experience we understand the importance of a complete and easy to use inventory control and billing system. Be confident from the time you pack-out your first job to the time you deliver it. You have complete control in all aspects of the job. Here are just a few features to assist your restoration business.

  • Print pack out slips/labels including customer name, address, number of bags and room location information
  • Print ItemTrac labels for application at the job site allowing quick customer identification at the plant
  • Detail items and include the original room location at pack out
  • Gather garment details for standard pricing
  • Easily move and manage order location changes for local and remote storage
  • Generate customer, contractor and insurance manifest
  • Generate "Current Job Inventory" location report
  • Generate and verify job / order "Delivery" information before the driver leaves the plant
  • Verify items are delivered and located in the original location found at pack out
  • Process rush and other special requests by the customer
  • Process and manage customer billing and payments
  • Scan inventory and delivery locations using our handheld SPOTScan (as shown)
  • Integrate with MetalProgetti storage for automated offload by room

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