SPOT Business Systems :: Security


Strong Security Model

Your business needs the added Security features built into SPOT. With password access security you can now control what your clerks/managers see and do. View all clerk/manager system activity with our powerful integrated Activity Log. SPOT has a very strong security model that exposes unusual activities at your front counters, mark-in and office workstations.

Activity Log

  • Track over 120 different activities within SPOT by time/date, clerk, workstation and store.
  • Review the activity log by time/date, clerk, workstation and store.
  • Print the activity log or just review it on screen.
  • Create memorized "Views" of commonly used activity log sessions for fast and efficient reviews.
  • Popular activity log events include: customer lookups, viewing orders, order modifications, item modifications, voids, adjustments, aborted sales, splits, redo's and many more.

Cash Controls

  • Computer actuated cash drawers provide controlled access to money based on clerk security level and authority.
  • Track every transaction in the system with date/time, clerk, workstation, amount, coupon, adjustment and tender type.
  • Opening/Closing cash drawer checkout with blind cash counting forces clerks to verify the over/short of their cash drawer.
  • Advanced X and Z reports for quick and easy reconciliation of each cash drawer.
  • Drawer/Store transaction "summary" or "detailed" reports give you an in depth look at the transaction makeup of a single cash drawer for a single day or across a date range for complete cash balancing for weekly deposit comparisons.
  • Enable/Disable tender types by customer to control bad checks.

Security Features

  • SPOT offers more than 90 unique security rights that can be applied to a group, a specific clerk or a manager.
  • Controlled access management lets you define which clerks/managers are able to access which functions.
  • Keyboard or bar code security password input can be used for clerk entry.

Go home at night with "peace of mind" that you have control over your operations. Remember, SPOT is on your team, always looking out for your best interests. Put SPOT's improved cash/inventory controls to work with all the advantages of advanced security management.